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5 New Styles To Try This Summer

Sometimes, you get sick of having the same ordinary style in your home. So, this summer, why not try mixing it up! From completely redoing a room or your entire home to subtly adding little accent pieces, there are plenty of ways to make your space feel fresh and new. All you need is some trendy home decor inspired by the latest summer styles.

AtLancaster’s Furniture To Go, we have everything when it comes to furniture. Make sure you shop our latest in trendy home decor and get ready for a fresher look for your home.

Ready For Trendy Home Decor?

Are you ready to bring the latest styles and trends into your home? We are! That’s why we’ve picked five of our favorite new styles to try. If you see a new style you like, go as big or as simple as your want and fall in love with your space again!

Beach Getaway

Do you spend every summer at the beach? Or do youwishyou could spend every summer at the beach? Why not bring the beach to your home. Incorporate natural elements, like hemp rugs and open weave furniture, along with nautical patterns pillows and curtains. Most beach-themed homes have a lighter color palette reminiscent of the beach.

Try our whiteSandy Beach collection for amazing coastal-style furniture. For your living room, add thisnatural trunk for a beautiful woven addition that doubles as storage and a foot rest. Add a tray to hold food and drinks!  

Rustic Charm

When we say rustic charm, we mean bringing just a little of that farmhouse feel to your home. This is a great theme to incorporate into your kitchen. Think little cute farm animal decor coupled with bright yellows or reds, along with reclaimed barnwood and metal troughs.

Something like arustic brown dining table adds natural wood elements to any breakfast nook or dining space. Other small touches, like wicker baskets, glass jars, and a weathered finishQuinden dresser can carry your rustic charm throughout your home.


Marie Kondo’s popular method — the KonMari method — has popularized the idea of getting rid of material objects that are unnecessary and fail to “spark joy.” Her method relies heavily on cleaning up your life and getting rid of excess things. But she also encourages keeping (and displaying) those things that mean something to you. The key is just to store them systematically and effectively.

So once you’ve finished thanking everything that no longer sparks joy in you life, you might want to update some of your furniture to match your new minimalistic lifestyle. Incorporating modern storage options, like baskets and dressers, will make your home feel more organized and open.

Even Marie Kondo would love thisdark grey bookcase. It’s both visually pleasing and ripe with small storage spots to display those sentimental items that bring you joy. Another great option is something like ourNatural Five Shelf Accent Cabinet. The open baskets allow you to organize your stuff KonMari style and be able to see (and appreciate) what you have while keeping it organized in designated spaces.

Environmentally Friendly

There are a few ways to be an environmentally-friendly homeowner. The most important thing is to be conscious of what you’re buying. Look for furniture made from sustainably sourced materials, second-hand alternatives, or furniture made out of non-toxic materials. Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are harmful to both the environment and humans. Look for furniture that is free of these compounds as well. Even something like carpet can emit levels of VOCs.

You don’t have to compromise on style when it comes to trendy home decor. That’s why we love thisLevine dining table, complete with an environmentally friendly weather grey finish.

Another great way to be an eco-friendly home owner is to incorporate plants and greenery into your trendy home decor. Adding something like thissunburst metal accent table will give your more space to add plants throughout your home!  

Pick A New Color

We already wrote a whole blog post dedicated toPantone’s Color of the Year: Living Coral. If you’re looking to stay up with the trends, this is a great color to incorporate in your home.

Otherwise, think about a new color that would mesh well with your existing furniture and favorite accent pieces. Once you have that color, think about the different ways you can incorporate it subtly or boldly into your home. From a colored sofa to some pillows and an accent blanket, start dispersing your color throughout your space.

Lancaster’s Furniture To Go

We hope you feel inspired to incorporate some of these new styles into your home! Redecorating your home doesn’t have to be a tedious job. Instead, find trendy furniture that sparks joy and have fun finding little places you can update.

When it comes to buying new furniture, trustLancaster’s Furniture To Go. Withfinancing options and online ordering, we have the latest when it comes to trendy home decor. Order something you love and feel inspired when it comes to decorating your home!