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5 Ways To Maximize Space In Your Kitchen

You might love your kitchen, but that doesn’t mean that open counter space exists in surplus. There are different ways you can work to reorganize your kitchen and find a spot for everything that’s not just sitting on your counter or shoved in a junk drawer.

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Maximize Your Kitchen

If you cook all of your meals at home, chances are you spend more than enough time in your kitchen. This makes it all that more important to maximize that space. Use these five strategies to help clear up space and use your kitchen to the fullest potential.

Add An Island

If you are short on counter space but have a weird, unusable space in the middle of your kitchen, think about adding your own island. An island cart can add extra storage, usable counter space, and additional countertop seating.

Thiswhite kitchen cart has plenty of storage options, along with a towel and spice rack and casters that allows you to move the cart around the kitchen.

Organize Your Cabinets Effectively

When you open your cabinets, do you notice a lot of empty space? Think about adding other shelves inside your cabinet to reduce the amount of unused space. Different things like spice racks or pot holders can move stuff up and give you even more storage.

Think About Your Alcohol

Do you have bottles of wine or hard liquor that are taking up valuable cabinet space? Think about how you are storing those bottles!

When you use something like ourclear serving cart, you can empty that cabinet space and have something you can pull out for parties or guests. If you have space on your cart, you can also store things like your wine glasses, bottle openers, and other cocktail glasses and accessories.

If you want something more stationary, you could also add a smallwine cabinet to your living or dining room to help get your wine bottles out of your kitchen.  

Use Your Wall Space

Do you have empty wall space? Think about using that space to your advantage. Adding hooks for things like cast iron pans or cutting boards can both help decorate your kitchen and free up some additional cabinet space.

The Inside Of Cabinets

Are you using your cabinets to their fullest potential? Think about adding baskets and storage to your cabinet doors! With under the sink cabinets, baskets could hold sponges, gloves, or trash bags. Other great things to hang off your cabinet doors include spices or cling wrap and aluminum foil.

Re-evaluate Your Junk Drawer

This one is simple. If you have a junk drawer (or two), go through it. Do you need everything in that drawer to be in the kitchen? Could you arrange that drawer to hold other kitchen accessories? Figure out what works best for your junk drawer.

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AtLancaster’s Furniture To Go, we want every room in your house to be used effectively. Use these tips to help with your kitchen and see if there are other spaces in your home that could use similar reorganization. Shop furniture from us today!