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How To Redecorate On A Budget

It’s not uncommon to redecorate on a budget. But atLancaster’s Furniture To Go, we also know how fast a budget can go!

That’s where affordable furniture and prioritization comes in. If you’re ready to start redecorating your home, trust our team to give you the best quality furniture at an amazing price! You can also stop by our store to learn more about ourfinancing options.

Furniture On A Budget

If you’re trying to design your home on a budget, there are many different factors to consider, including your budget and finding affordable furniture. Follow these tips to get the most out of your budget.

Place Furniture Strategically

Prioritize your purchases and use furniture as an anchor for your room. If you’re spending your entire budget on small pieces of decor, you’re depleting what you have to spend on a sofa or dining table.

Instead, if you make your new sofa or dining table the focal point of your room, that purchase should be the priority. When you invest in a big piece of furniture, you can add more minimal decor throughout the rest of the space to complement that large ticket item.

For example, thisWhitesburg Round Table or ourMontgomery Mocha Sofa & Loveseat would make perfect anchors for your kitchen or dining room. Then you can design the rest of the space around those anchor pieces.

Repurpose Your Existing Furniture

Don’t ditch every piece of furniture you have. Instead, see what you have that could be salvaged, even with something as simple as a couch cover or a coat of paint. Then you can add new touches, like home decor or an accent side table.

DIY Your Decor

If you’re saving your budget for those large pieces of furniture, look up some amazing DIY projects you can do to add smaller touches throughout your home.

Even things as simple as old wine bottles and mason jars can create beautiful centerpieces or storage. Or are you a big bookworm? Invest in a simple bookcase and arrange your books in a beautiful pattern. Then you have a functional piece of furniture that also doubles as decor.

Go Minimal

Again, if you’re prioritizing your anchor furniture, you might deprioritize having a lot of other decor. Creating a minimal aesthetic throughout your home can both open up your space and keep your budget in check.

Decorate In Stages

You don’t have to do everything at once — even if your entire home needs a revamp! Instead, think about redecorating in stages. What room is the most important to start with? Then think about setting a budget for each space so the final project doesn’t go over budget.

This will also keep you from buying cheaper furniture just because you want the project done. Instead, you can take time and invest in affordable furniture that will last.


Look for furniture stores that have great financing options. Spreading your furniture cost over monthly payments can make it easier to opt for those higher-quality pieces that will last longer.  

Don’t compromise when it comes to quality and your home. At Lancaster’s Furniture To Go, our financing options include no interest for one year when you order in store. This gives you an entire year to pay off those larger purchases!

Shop Affordable Furniture Today

We hope that we’ve shown you that redecorating on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Instead, prioritize what you need and find affordable furniture from a company you can trust.

Use our redecorating tips to your advantage and order affordable furniture fromLancaster’s Furniture To Go!